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Kerstwens van de Vos - Christmas wish of the fox

zondag 19 december 2021

Dit keer geen vervolg van mijn verhaal over Steampunky. 

Gumpie, vos en ik wensen iedereen een gezond 2022

... enjoy... 

English version
This time no story of Steampunk, but Gumpie, fox and I wishes everybody
a very good and healthy 2022.

Translation of our Christmas card
Fox stands between the trees, he is a spectator of the play called life.
Fox smiles, he knows more…
Swift as the wind he moves between light and dark,
only a tip of its tail lights up.
Back in his lair he curls up snugly and dreams of the glorious return of the sun,
that warms the earth and all its creatures.

Being quiet …
Weaving beautiful dreams that become reality!
This is the way that light conquers darkness.

A heartwarming Christmas
A wonderful 2022

Text my wife Louise and illustration Volkert Waalkens

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